The Creator Class

An interactive program for a select group of sound creators, designed to empower them through creative collaboration, close mentorship, and financial support.

Creating new opportunities

Ten promising local producers will have an opportunity to work with well-known sound designers, sample labels, and artists to develop professional-level samples and grow their careers.

The Program

The Creator Class will kick off in April and run through 2019. Participants must be available for monthly two-hour sessions at Splice HQ, along with hour-long check-ins every two weeks. Some of the more hands-on programming will require half-day commitments. Note: The 2019 Creator Class will take place in New York City. Submit your application by March 4 to be considered for the 2019 Creator Class.

Covered Topics

  • General sampling industry education
  • Copyright issues and how to avoid them
  • Sample-pack concept development
  • Source material selection
  • Field recording
  • Studio recording
  • Collaboration
  • Formatting and editing
  • Marketing and business development

A part of the Splice Creator Initiative

Sound creator KARRA didn’t expect her packs to get so popular, but that was only the beginning.

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